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TDNE - Troll, Do Not Engage {Please Share}

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TDNA (Troll - Do Not Engage!) 

Because of my activity online I have been made aware that there is a new movement to promote the use of just the four letters "TDNE"  which is for "Troll, Do Not Engage" in response to people who are obviously paid Content Maker Trolls (CMT's) who do nothing more for $9/hr (2014 wages) than troll science and progressive blogs and social media outlets to post incendiary comments. The consensus, which makes sense to me, is that for multiple reasons (and there is no single source for this, sorry, tinfoil hat crowd, no illuminati here) there are different groups who feel it worth while to waste the "cognitive energy" of progressives who tend to be more apt to engage to try and educate these people, who they unfortunately believe to be rational people.  And in all honesty, they might very well be! But they are located in areas of depressed economies and genuinely want to be working, even if it is unsavory.

I have been told that at the most general level there are three levels of employees

  • Content Manager (CM)- "These are staff who review the work of the lower tier staff and make the call on where to invest energy". Paid $12-$15+/hr
  • Content Creation Makers (CCM) - These are the people who post 7-10 sentences of gibberish if you really look at it, but strung together to look like an argument (or supporting argument for causes your employees support). They are usually authorized to make one return to a thread to make a "follow up" post to keep the flames alive.  If a Content Manager authorizes it they can post additional comments in very active areas. Paid $9-$11/hr
  • Content Support Staff (CSS) - Their job it is to post one to two sentences showing support of the comments Content Makers have made (often timed to keep the content active to avoid having to pay Content Makers from having to return). They are paid to like CM's posts, they then get bonuses (small, but it adds up) if people like their short content.
  • Likers (CL) - The lowest tier are the "likers" who are ironically (considering the racial bias of the presumed program backers) usually based is SE Asia, who are fed team posted links and "like", retweet, etc... the comments of CM's and CSS.

The bottom line?  From now on when you see an obvious troll comment, RESIST the urge to engage!  Post TDNE so others know immediately that you have identified them as a paid and to go use your cognitive resources somewhere productive. There is *no* benefit to engaging trolls.

TDNE TDNE it's all you need.


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