Finally!  Female Archeology, Geology and Wildlife Biology Legos (Maybe!  But they need your help to come to market!)

(UPDATE I): If you hear from your friends the links are not working having them visit either the home page of or give the page 15 seconds to load, the server is getting slammed right now with inbound requests, which is not a bad thing in the big picture!)

(UPDATE II): It appears the link that is not working is the ability to register to vote using your social media ID (which I prefer also rather than creating a new account yet again) If you are having this problem please let me know using the contact form at the lower right of this page and I will inform the developers.  We don't want them to loose votes because you can't register!  What a PIA).

(UPDATE III): You can use this shortened link to share this page. There was a glitch in in me SEO software and it created a bizarrely long URL for this page.  Use this one to share this page:

(UPDATE IV): It looks like they *might* have fixed the social media login problem.  But just an FYI the sign up is several steps long and you have to verify your email address.  I know it is a pain, but this is a cool thing and we should support (and isn't that why you keep a disposable email account anyway? :-)

The developer of the female science legos, Alatariel's Atelier, has asked for ShovelBums help in getting this new line featuring a, you guessed it, FEMALE ARCHEOLOGIST [sic] (I am working with them to get the name spelled properly ;-)…that and they don't show any craft brews and there is not Brunton, but it is a great start!

They need 10,000 votes to get the funding so click here and vote NOW!


Female Archeology, Geology, Wildlife Biology Legos (Finally!)


From the site: 

Join the scientists on their research adventures!

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