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Washington Redskins fans shout "Go Back To The Reservation" to protestors.

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Washington Redskin Fan flips off protestors at a Redskin's home game.


"[Yesterday] was a moment in history -- hundreds of Native people marched and rallied at FedEx Field, the so-called cathedral of the Washington team," she said. "While we were screamed at, sworn at, told to 'go back to the reservation', we greeted fans and handed out educational flyers. [And] as Washington brought their season to an abysmal end, we closed out the year with a reminder that we will not stop. Our movement will continue to grow stronger, grow louder. We are human beings, not mascots."


In June, the U.S. Trademark and Trial and Appeal Board cancelled six the Washington football team's seven trademarks after it ruled that the team name is "disparaging to Native Americans."


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