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Alejandro Escovedo Concert

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This has nothing to do with archaeology.  It was just one of the best concerts I have got to see.


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Kristy and I don't get out to see live music much but I was excited to see my favorite still undiscovered by pop culture artist Alejandro Escovedo earlier this year.

It was my wife's first time to see him live which was great, but it was in a relatively crowded music hall and it was hard to get a great feel for him. My wife then surprised me last month when she heard he was coming back through town again and this time it was going to be an acoustic/electric show with just his violinist of many decades along with him at a much smaller venue. The show was on a Tuesday night and there were maybe ~50 people there and no tables. The show was awesome and it hearkened back to the days when I would see him play at this intimate little hole in the wall in El Paso in the early 90's with a bunch of arch friends. Well, Alejandro holds a special place in my heart as he recorded Peter Case's song "Two Angels". That was the first song Kristy and I danced to as a dating couple. And by using social media I was able to reach him and put in a request for him to play Two Angels so Kristy could finally hear it live. So when he came out for an encore he asked for requests. The venue was so small we were front and center and someone had asked for Rosalie and I quickly piped in "Two Angels" - He stopped and smiled at me and said "You're the guy who was wanting that aren't you?" I said yes and the violinist beamed at me. Alejandro went on to say that he had not played the song in probably the 17 years since Kristy and I first danced to it. So they started out rusty but it was awesome as it all came back to them both. Talk about a memorable moment in my life. It was awesome. - R. Joe Brandon, The Shelter, Detroit, MI June 17, 2014

Kristy Brandon and R. Joe Brandon at Alejandro Escovedo

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