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Support the petition for a special "One-Off" DIG in memory of Mick Aston

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{Please Share} These blokes have been working at this for more than a year to get enough votes for this great idea for a dig in honor of Mick Aston. I think it's time we lend them a hand. Please follow the link at the bottom and vote.

Channel 4 to Commission a Special 'One-Off' DIG in memory of Mick Aston


Mick Aston sadly passed away on 24th June 2013, He featured in 19 out of 20 Series of the popular programme Time Team.


We think itwould be really nice and fitting to pay #Respect to the late Mick Aston via doing a Special 'One-Off' DIG in memory of him at a location Mick would have loved! 

We know More4 are to air old episodes of Time Team in tribute of Mick on July 13th 2013, But us Time Team Fans would like to see a Special 'One Last Dig' for Mick.

Thank You,

Lee Brady - (Official Tribute Page)


Council for British Archaeology support.

Lee Brady
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dec 25, 2014 — As we near a milestone of 8,000 signatures for a special episode to be commissioned dedicated to Mick.

We now have support from the Council for British Archaeology here is the article on their website:

Please could you all post that link on your Facebook wall and twitter pages. I'd be very greatful.

However I have sent out a letter to Tony Robinson and Tim Taylor.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Lee Brady

You can add your voice here by voting to support this petition:

 ~R. Joe


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