Help Change (the) History (channel): "Amelia Earhart – The Lost Evidence": A petition to get History Channel to acknowledge the photo evidence used is wrong (it pre-dates her disappearance by two years!).


Did you see this picture on the History Channel special in July 2017 “Amelia Earhart – The Lost Evidence”? It purported to show Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan in Japanese custody. There is a small problem...the photograph was taken two years before they disappeared! 

While the History Channel has removed the episode from it's streaming service, they have yet to publicly acknowledge to their audience this error. Please sign this petition to Paul Buccieri President A&E Networks to get the History Channel to correct this mistake.

This is a perfect example of bad science making headlines, but when refuted, there is little coverage or attempt to correct the spreading of misinformation. 



Sign the Petition

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